Household waste recycling center, Brive-la-Gaillarde (19)

Site name: BRIVE « Léo Lagrange »
Project owner: The Brive area (19) SIRTOM (Intercommunal Association for the Collection and Management of Household waste)

The work carried out for the Brive area SIRTOM on an inner city site belonging to the town of Brive was to replace an outdated traditional waste management facility. It was demolished and rebuilt in Modulo Béton ®. The building land space available was limited however the SIRTOM was able to build an 11skip/bin facility thanks to the storage space available under the loading bay. The bay is built on a first 1.60 m high level with a 13.5 cubic tonnes capacity) used for the town centre and on a second 2.50m high level with a 3.5 cubic tonne capacity used for the outer Brive area. The space under the bay is in two separate parts, one for inner Brive and one for outer Brive and the SIRTOM. A part of the SIRTOM space is used by the Gaillarde waste recovery unit.

Surface : 616 m2

Number of blocks: 64

Nombre de skips/bins: 11

Payload: 3.5 T et 13.5 T. / Height: 1.60 à 2.50m.

Additional options: Oil tank.