Recycling center Le Plessis Bouchard (95)

Client : Syndicate Mixte Emeraude (95).

As the syndicate has only one recycling center with 10 quays for all his territory, it had to be enlarged because the traffic was almost impossible due to the too small size of the site compared to his daily frequentation.
This recycling center is located on the ground of the Syndicate administrative headquarters, and the remaining space avalaible to expand was too little.
Thus, the Modulo Beton solution was chosen because it allows an extension of 250m2 more, now reaching 12 quays instead of only 10 quays.
So, here, it is an extension attached to a traditional quay.
Thanks to the storage space under the quay, WEEE (Waste from electric and electronic equipment), dangerous waste, and oils are collected directly on the quay in a dedicated area that does not encroach on vehicle maneuvering areas. These waste are then stored under the quay and lowered using a goods lift.
Finally, these 2 new quays and the depot area have been covered by awnings.

Surface : 250m² more

Nombre de blocs : 28 blocks 3x3x2.50m

Additional éléments : 2 awnings 6x3m, 2 awnings 6x5m, 1 goods lift, 1 oil tank, etc…